வணக்கம் / はじめまして / Hi, I'm Balakumar Muthu

I am an International Award-winning Entrepreneur, Technologist, received Asia Innovation Award from SingTel, Singapore, Full-stack Designer & Developer building Websites for more than 17+ years, Software Consultant for Japanese Companies, Creative DIY Hacker and a Geek based in Asia. Currently working towards the great mission to make the world a better place to work.

/ Awards & Recognitions, I have received

Awarded the "SingTel, Singapore - Asia's Top 50 Innovation Award” (winner lists) and the Winner of "Red Herring Asia Award" (finalists) for Technology Innovation.

Selected at Google India - Interview as one of the Top 5 Finalist out of 16,000 + people. Created Google Kids – a search engine for kids prototype for demonstrating during my Google India Interview.

First Prize Winner of "Java Master Contest", conducted by Sun Microsystems and BenQ Siemens Germany. Sun Microsystems Duke's Choice Awards” - *** "Hello World(s)!" From Code to Culture: A 10 Year Celebration of Java Technology ***, Book. Sun Microsystems appreciation for testing early versions of Java Platform.

TEDx Fellow and Mentor for NurtureTalent Startup Boot Camp at IIT Madras.

Some of my previous Web products (View 1, View 2) have received a great response from China and Japan. Also ranked as world’s top 50 hosted blogging platform by Alexa.com.

Early contributed member of World Wide Web Consortium (W3.org), W3C HTML 5 Working Group and Internet Society (ISOC) India Chapter.

/ My Expertise & specializations

I specializes in most aspects of Web business, including strategy, creative, design, development and it's growth. My expertise and interest includes Front-end development, UI/UX Design, Branding, E-commerce, IoT, Software as a service (SaaS), Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Big Data, Singularity, AI, User Onboarding, Typography, Developing Social Networking Platforms (SNS), Product Prototyping, SEO and Linux & Open Source Technologies.

/ My Personal Interests

I enjoy travel / adventure, photography, rock climbing, simple things — nature, reading. I love Japanese culture, trying different flavor of tea, Zen philosophy, making mistakes & learning from them, DIY hacks, and a die-hard fan of JDrama, Western movies and Comics.

/ My Works has been featured in

Me and My works has been featured at ZDNet Asia, Economic Times, Yahoo! Japan, MSN Japan, 100shiki.com, Infoseek, Japan.Internet.com, Livedoor.com, Sina.com, Yangtse.com, Idoican.com, shm.com.cn[pdf] and many other popular Asian publishers. Java.net published my Java Duke Holiday Pictures from 1000's of submission.

/ Writings & My Contributions

Wikipedian, contributed for more than 100's of Wikipedia pages in various topics in Computer/Internet Technology category. Contributing writer of DeveloperIQ Magazine on the latest Web Technologies.

Co-organizer of Mozilla Firefox Party India, for the most early release of Firefox 2 and the IdeaCamp Pune. Regular to Tech meetups from BarCamp, BlogCamp, WikiCamp Unconferences to Sun TechDays, BEA Dev2Dev Days, Oracle Developer Forum, Google Developer Days and many other tech conferences. Attended Sessions with David Axmark, CoFounder & VP of MySQL and with Richard Stallman [RMS], GNU Founder Lectures.

Designer of DevCamp India Unconference Official event brand and WikiCamp conference India event brand, participated by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.

Being a big supporter of Linux - Ubuntu & Open source movement, organized the "Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirts Contest" to create more awareness and interest for the early versions of Ubuntu Linux.

My blog is Listed as 'Favorite Blog lists at Sun Microsystems' Web Blog in 2005. Blogging since 2002 and listed as the 'Top 10 Tech blogger' by 'Blog Street India' and rated as the 'Top 50 Tech Blogger' by 'Blogs Top List' in 2005 – 2007. My blog posts have also been featured at Google Blogoscoped.com, Netscape.com, Java.net, Webpronews, Planet Mozilla, Linux Toy and few other popular blogs. Made my own blogging site at Yahoo! Geocities as geocities.com/i5bala (screenshots) in early 2002.

Published Usability report on Yahoo! Flickr, MSN Hotmail and Rediff.com.

/ Contact & Reach me

Personally, you won’t find me on Facebook. To stay in touch or Want to work together? You can text me at: balakumar.muthu@gmail.com

  •           Self-made man

    Self- made man, the statue I greatly admire and the principle I strongly believe. "... left to his own devices, man will use his god-given talents to be creative, productive, and prosperous. Using free will, he will better his own situation and that of those around him, thereby influencing in a positive way his own destiny..."

  •           My Guru Swami 


    "... get up, and set your shoulder to the wheel-how long is this life for? as you have come into this world, leave some mark behind. otherwise where is the difference between you and the trees and stones? - they too come into existence, decay and die..."
    - Swami Vivekananda

My Unforgettable One-Day at Google India Hyderabad :) !!!

Last week Saturday [26/03/2005] was an UNFORGETTABLE, :) experience in my life. I have been called for a Final round interview at Google India Hyderabad, along with Veer Ganesh, Haroon Imran, Kumar Deepam, Jayashree Ramasubramaniam, Arjun Rajagopalan, Faheem Anaikar, out of 16,000 + people who has applied for the job [numbers as given by Mr. Akshay, HR Google India]. It was an great experience to take up a flight to Hyderabad. When we landed their 3 cabs were waiting for us to pick up to the Hi-tech City, the land where Google resides. It took some 20 – 25 minutes to reach the place. The Whole building is really amazing transparent art of work.

When we got their Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Akshay welcomed us with warm wishes. Mr. David took us to all the places at Google, Each room was named based on important landmarks of India, like the Taj Mahal - the conference room, Gateway of India, etc. He also showed us the very BIG server room, which was installed by him, which also has a real-time query window, which shows the current queries all over the world. It’s really amazing to look at what people are search all over the world in various languages.

Few things, which I love there most:

1. All the people out their, I have learned a lot from them
2. Real Time Query window, which show the current search queries
3. Big Data Server room
4. Lava Lamps

5. Google Help Desk Mouse pads [ya, I liked them too :)]
6. Big Colorful Balls and Balloons everywhere
7. Body Massager
8. Every ones cabin was filled with toys, think this is what people call freedom and fun at work :)
9. Lots of chocolates, cookies, colas, coffee, sodas everywhere to keep us coooooool

The Lunch was very Tasty hmmhmm :) , we ended with a gulab jamun and the Lunch room too has a projector and white board. Every one of us received a Google T-Shirts [white] and Google Pen, which I will keep it as a precious and proud gift in my collections :).

And coming to the real action, I had a 3 round interview with Mr. Ramsey and back to back with Mr. Roy Gilbert – Head of Online Sales & Operations Google India, Mr. Thomas: took us the personal round and Mr. David and Mr. Mark took us the Technical interview [sorry I can’t blog much about that, as blogging about that is not allowed]. Actually I took the documentations of my Google Kids search prototype, but I couldn’t talk about them :( , as I don’t know to whom I have to discuss about that! :(.

I have never dreamed in my life, that I will be meeting the people, who are behind the wonderful Google technology. Now I have understood CLEARLY Why Google is the Number One technology and about the people who make it happen. I must have bought a camera to capture them live and direct, but I have captured each and every moment of the real action in my mind, which will stay evergreen and eternal through out my life :).

I take this moment to extend my BIG Hearty thanks to the Mr. Akshay, Mr. Ramsey, Mr. Roy Gilbert, Mr. Thomas, Mr. David, Mr. Mark the BIG heads of Google India and to the two security’s who helped us in the lift and the cab drivers who safely picked from and dropped us to the Airport. Thank you Guys!! :)

Please Note: You can read the follow-up of this post - Google Kids, my Google Search engine prototype specially for kids created to demonstrating during my Google India interview. more about it »

Thank you and My Love to Google :)
Balakumar Muthu

----------------------- UPDATE -----------------------

If you looking for some technical tips on Google Interview please visit the following link:

Google Office Address:


Google Careers / Jobs page:https://www.google.co.in/about/careers

Google Interview/ job Tips:













Good Luck!


Session Replication in Tomcat 5


Tomcat is my favorite sever for running my JSP and Servelts. Here is an interesting article on how to work in a cluster environment with Tomcat. >>

iPod Shuffle Stereo Speaker System: ShuffleStation


Whether at home, at the park or on your travels, the ShuffleStation allows you to share your music in high quality Stereo sound, and folds flat for storage on the move. Whenever you are away form the computer, the Shuffle Station will charge while playing when plugged into the mains, and can also be powered by 4 x AAA batteries. >>

Oh … GOD !!! :(


Let us live in peace……….!!!!!

Google Easter eggs !!!

Here is a list of some very interesting Google Easter eggs:







Hope you will enjoy them! :)

Transparent Desktop Screens ?!


A fun little flickr gallery of "transparent desktop screens". Users take a picture of whatever lies directly behind their displays, crop them accordingly, set the picture as their new wallpaper, and take a picture of the whole set up. Great Art of work! >>

iPod's New Camera Connector


It's happened to most. While at a wedding, soccer game, or favorite vacation spot, we find so many great photo opportunities and snap so many pictures that we're in imminent danger of running out of space for even more. That's when the new iPod Camera Connector can really save the day. Using the handy $29 accessory, you can download images directly from your camera to your 30-, 40- or 60GB iPod photo. You can immediately view the photos on iPod's crisp color display. >>

Google's New Search Operator - movie:

The Latest Google's search operator movie: can be used to find the showtimes [only for US] and their is also a really great movie reviews. Think must be checked out before going to movies.

Mozilla Firefox 1.0.2 Released with Several Security Fixes!

Get Firefox!

Firefox 1.0.2 is a security and stability update that is part of ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience. Recommend to all users to upgrade to this latest version.

Fixed in Firefox 1.0.2:

Drag and drop loading of privileged XUL
Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel
GIF heap overflow parsing Netscape extension 2

Note: Please uninstall previous Firefox version before you upgrade/install Firefox 1.0.2. Installing new version over the previous version may caused ALL Firefox extensions do not work! Release Note

Tune up Firefox performance with FireTune

FireTune for Mozilla Firefox v1.x was developed for an easy and fast optimization of your browsing experience with Firefox. It is based on a collection of popular and well working optimization settings used and tested by the experts. Usually you have to optimize Firefox manually, which can be time consuming and difficult for the novice user. FireTune helps you here - it includes all the performance optimizations. The only thing you must do is: make your selection. FireTune does the work for you. >>

Sony’s New PSP


Sony’s small wonder is a huge success at it’s Japanese launch earlier this month, the system is so hot that many gamers have resorted to importing it at extravagant prices. It's really amazying to hear that , the graphical power of the PSP is said to be close to that of a Playstation2 and with a marvel screen display :) Hey that's great.. >>

Google Farm :)


Planning to Buy a Mac?


Planning to Buy a Mac?, then you must consider to buy iLap, not expensive. Think that must be a good addition for the Mac Suite. >>

Great Job Narain !


The Famous Three Clarke's Laws

Here is the famous three Clarke’s law. I have the studied lots of books, which forwards the first law and it's my favorite too. Clarke Foundation

Law 1

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.

Law 2

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

Law 3

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Google's Doodle on World Water Day 2005

Very COOL :) . Let's celebrate and conserve it !

Using Google Web API in Java

Using the Google Web API in Java, is very simple to get started. First and foremost, all searches require a license key, which is free. This key enables up to 1000 searches per day. To get a key, visit

Get the Google API Key


// MyGoogle.java

import com.google.soap.search.*;
import java.io.*;

public class MyGoogle
// Your Google API developer's key.
private static String googleKey = "";

public static void main(String[] args)

// Make sure there's a Google query on the command line
if (args.length != 1) {
System.err.println("Usage: java [-classpath classpath] MyGoogle ");

// Create a new GoogleSearch object
GoogleSearch s = new GoogleSearch( );
try {

s.setQueryString(args[0]); // Google query from the commandline

// Query Google
GoogleSearchResult r = s.doSearch( );

// Gather the results
GoogleSearchResultElement[] re = r.getResultElements( );

// Output
for ( int i = 0; i < re.length; i++ ) {
System.out.println(re[i].getTitle( ));
System.out.println(re[i].getURL( ));
System.out.println(re[i].getSnippet( ) + "\n");

// Any Errors
} catch (GoogleSearchFault f) {
System.out.println("GoogleSearchFault: " + f.toString( ));

Learn UNIX in 10 minutes


Want to learn UNIX in 10 minutes? Here is a simple tutorial to start, It covers all the basics commands for getting started. >>

Animated Storybooks


A few folks in New Zealand have developed the next natural evolution of an old children’s staple: the bedtime story. The book reads like a normal book, if desired, but when accompanied with a handheld (or head-based) display and computer vision tracking technology, the story comes to life in front of them. We can see animated virtual characters overlaid on the real book pages and hear the voice of [the narrator] reading the story. >>

GoogleX goes Mac


A treat to Mac OS X users like me from Google - GoogleX, a Mac OS X style dock in Google. It's very simple, cool and I am feeling the same UI dock like Mac and great job with javascript and DHTML by Chikai Ohazama of Google. >>

Google Code


Google's launched Google Code, a repository for all of the open source code that they're contributing for you to make use of in your apps. Much of the code is about building, testing, or debugging large-scale web apps. >>

Apache Struts Tutorial

Few days back I got a very good simple step-by-step Struts tutorial, recommend for starters. It's provided with codes. Think it will help beginners to getting started in Struts Framework.

Few Best Apache Struts Tutorials







download sample code

OpenOffice: Trouble for Microsoft


OpenOffice has reached the stage of being able to competently an d comfortably replace Microsoft Office as your main office suite. Consider the fact that it is free, and yet manages to beat Microsoft Office at it's own game; it’s a compliment in itself. The only thing that you have to do now is wait for the final version of OpenOffice 2.0 to begin your journey to the world of Open Source. >>

Some JAVA Rock Facts!!


In our most recent study found that 86% of consumers and 100% of developers and IT recognize the Java brand. In addition the association of Java and Sun grow by 15% year over year. In addition 1 in 3 consumers will buy a product with the Java brand. Java.com just blew past 10 Million visitors per month, which is more visitors than Nintendo.com, Wired.com, Playstation.com, Time.com, Businessweek.com, and many others. Here are some facts and figures:

2 million downloads of J2EE 1.4 - the most popular release ever!
4.5 million Java developers, up 7% from June 2004
2 billion Java-enabled devices, up 14% from June 2004
750M Java Cards, up 25% from June 2004
579M phones, up 65% from June 2004
650M PCs, up 8% from June 2004

Need MORE !!

Torvalds Switches to Apple !!


Linux creator Linus Torvalds said that he's now running an Apple Macintosh as his main desktop, mainly for work reasons. Torvalds, who initially created Linux for the Intel x86 platform, revealed to the Linux Kernel Mailing List in February during a discussion on kernel size reduction that his main desktop machine no longer featured an x86 processor. Hence, Torvalds said, a patch specific to the x86 platform that he was submitting to the list for consideration was totally untested. It's physically a regular Apple Mac, although it obviously only runs Linux. >>

How to Destroy the Earth


Destroying the Earth is harder than you may we have thought. Seen in the movies where the bad aliens threatens to destroy our Earth. The Earth was built to last. It is a 4,550,000,000-year-old, 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000-tonne ball of iron. It has taken more devastating asteroid hits in its lifetime than you've had hot dinners, and it still orbits merrily. >>

iCare mobile for kids


The i-Care Baby Bear cell phone from GuideTek Technology is so simple even an adult could use it. No screen, four speed dial keys on the hands and feet and that's about it. The upcoming model will also include a GPS locater so anxious parents can keep track of their wandering tots. >>

Java Jingle :)

Hear the Java Jingle recorded at 1997, recorded 8 years back still holds true. hear mp3

Want to Talk to Aliens ?!!


New Scientist reports on a new service that allows you to beam a telephone call into space. The service, called Talk to Aliens, utilizes a 10.5-foot parobolic dish antenna and a 900 number. Dial up, from either your landline or mobile, and say whatever you like. Your message is transmitted in real time into the cosmos. It does cost $3.99 per minute, but we're talking long distance here. According to New Scientist, this service has the capability to transmit your voice, in recognizable form, up to two lightyears from Earth. According to the same article, the nearest star system that might harbor life is twice that distance away -four lightyears. >>

SUSE Linux Professional 9.3


Stable and reliable Linux operating system to a complete set of desktop applications including an office suite, a Web browser, an instant-messaging client, multimedia viewers and graphical software SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 has it all. It also offers the latest open source applications for developing applications, setting up a home network, running a Web server and doing much more. With the convenience of installation media, complete documentation, and installation support, SUSE LINUX Professional delivers desktop reliability and security at an affordable price. SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3 will be shipping mid-April, 2005, some important includes are,

Firefox 1.0 Web Browser
OpenOffice.org 2.0 Pre-release Edition
Email, Calendar and Contact Management
iPod Compatibility
Photo Management
graphical desktop environments for Linux. Both deliver ease of use, contemporary functionality and the best graphical design.
Enhanced Laptop Support
GIMP 2.2 Complete graphics creation and edition supports dozens of graphic formats: .tif, .jpg, .png, .eps, .svg, .psd, .gif and more.
VoIP Solution Linphone
Latest Linux Kernel kernel 2.6.11 and check XEN the first open source virtualization solution.
Built-in Security
Powerful Features for Home Networks >>

Mozilla Puts a Stop to Browser Suite

Get Firefox!

After several days of confusion about the future of its open-source browser suite, the Mozilla Foundation called it quits, and announced that it would stop development of its namesake. All development efforts will instead be focused on Firefox. >>

Apple To Join Blu-ray


Apple computers committed to join the Blu-ray Association and will occupy a seat on the main board. In the battle of Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD disc formats, this is pretty big news. Currently Dell and HP are the other two computer companies that sit on the board. Apple will be the 16th company to join the board, joining the 110 companies that have committed to Blu-ray. Steve Jobs said "Apple is pleased to join Blue-ray Association board as part of our effort to drive consumer adoption of HD." In return Apple will include the same HD video CoDec that Blu-ray uses in QuickTime 7. Blu-ray disc carry 25Gb per layer. There are two layers currently in market, single and dual layer. Others multi-layers discs are being brought to market and we understand that Sony has an eight layer, 200Gb disc running in the Lab. >>

MiniMo(zilla) Browser to Cell Phone


MiniMo(zilla) Browser to Cell Phone and PDA, A very rich browser experience on a PDA or cell phone is going to be interesting for both content developers and consumers. The form factor of cell phones and PDAs definitely presents a challenge, but you can see it's really good.

Japan’s Virtual Bus Tour Guides


The Japanese figured out a long time ago that real people cost real money, so continuing in their fine tradition of replacing everyone possible with some sort of machine, robot, or automated device, a tour bus service in Hiroshima is getting rid of their tour guides and replacing them with virtual ones instead. They’re not just playing back a tape, though, the whole thing is actually connected to the bus’s GPS navigation to sync up the virtual tour with the real current location. Think it would be using some virtual reality :). >>

Nokia Mobile RFID Kit


The Nokia Mobile RFID Kit allows the user to launch services and access phone functions such as dial or send messages by touching an RFID tag. Tasks, such as browsing the latest service instructions or logging time stamped data like meter readings, can be automated and initiated with just a touch. The kit is a ready-to-use solution, compatible with the Nokia 5140 phone which is available separately. It includes two Xpress-on RFID Reader shells, 2 + 18 (a registration offer) RFID tags, and the software for the phone tag reading, service initiation and configuration. The kit is best suited for applications with 1-20 users. >>

Cool Fun 12 Sided Calendar For You!


Look at this Cool Fun 12 Sided Calendar, you too can print your own. >>

Two Timer class : Java


Do you know, Java has two Timer class one in javax.swing.Timer object calls an action listener at regular intervals or only once. It can be used to show frames of an animation many times per second, repaint a clock every second and another class in the java.util package, java.util.Timer, which is better for large timing tasks. It also has more features (eg, it can start at a given time, use either a fixed delay or fixed rate), but javax.swing.Timer is easier to use for simple animations. It is also advisable to use java.util.Timer for headless programs, those without a GUI.

Timer t= new Timer(, );

Google Desktop Released


Google Desktop is now released; it can now index PDFs, Netscape, Thunderbird Mail, Netscape, Firefox and Music, Images and Video. They also have added a directory for plugins. The plugin Kongulo sounds interesting. This plugin is a web spider ("Kongulo" is Icelandic for spider) that crawls websites you specify. >>

My Website Visitors on 9th March!!! :)


Hey, just look at my website last 10 visitors [Sun Microsystems, Microsoft] on 9th March, tracked using Nedstat Basic counter. It makes me feel GREAT, and PROUD. I think my world is getting wider and makes me feel more powered. Thank you guys for visiting my site :).

Hand Powered iPod Shuffle


This is the iPod shuffle hand charger, actually recharger. There are many "crank powered" accessories floating around. I think this has to be tested at their own risk and that's a good try and very interesting. >>

Robot Mannequins Strike a Pose


A Japanese firm has developed a mannequin robot that can strike a pose for customers - and spy on who they are and what they're buying. The female robot, code-named Palette, can draw inspiration from the world's most beautiful women, using motion-capture technology to replay the movements of supermodels. But Palette will double up as an industrial spy, with the maker planning to program it to judge the age and sex of shoppers and even identify the bags they are carrying and pass along the information to stores for marketing purposes. Matsui developed Palette with software company SGI Japan Ltd. and aim to start selling it this year for the fashion and service industries. The price has not been set yet but SGI wants to make it "as close as possible to that of conventional mannequins," said Hiroshi Otsuka, who is in charge of new business promotion at SGI Japan. Palette is available in two versions - the whole body without legs or upper torso models for jewellery displays.

Apple Developing New Palmtop Mac !


Remember Apple's eMate 300 from the early nineties? (nicknamed "Eat Me" by developers). It was a kind of Batman green and a fab little flat lap Newton. The PowerPage EU bureau has been beamed some details of a secret development team planning specifications for the release of a new mini laptop. Deep in the Apple cave these slim little mini pocketops are doing the rounds and getting a lot of great feedback. Sources who claim to have see one have commented that an internal planning spec details that the new machine runs a stripped-down flavour of Mac OS X.

Translating Polygon : Java

A polygon can be moved in the x and y directions with:

poly.translate(xdisp, ydisp);

where xdisp is how far to move it in the x direction from its current location, and ydisp gives the corresponding y distance. The coordinates of the polygon are changed after a move.

How-to Record on Your Ipod for free

There is a simple way around for you to record at high quality, all for free. Hope is will be useful to iPod guys. >>

Skins for iPod

An iPod skin just an Imitation human skin. Apparently it looks like human skin, but is actually vinyl. Although I don't like the color.

Dress to Glow in the Dark

PopGadget touts this clothing range as being a good idea for the night jogging set, but I think we all know where they'll be more popular - on the dance floor. That's really cool.

Google Search Facts!

Google searches 3 billion+ Web documents in 0.2 seconds hundreds of millions of times a day. Google serves hundreds of millions of highly targeted ads a day, exactly accounting for every click and impression. >>