There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, those who don't. - Unknown

I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code. - Unknown

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. - Morpheus

Throughout human history, we have been dependent on machines to survive. Fate, it seems. - Morpheus

Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. - Spoon boy

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. - Morpheus

Sooner you're going to realize the difference between knowing and walking the path. - Morpheus

Welcome to the real world... a world without rules or controls, borders or boundaries. - Morpheus

Have you ever had that feeling...where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming? - Neo

A robot may not harm a human or, by inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. - Isaac

Tell me, Mr. Anderson, what good is a phone call when you are unable to speak? - Agent Smith

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.- Yoda

The answer is out there. It's looking for you. And it will find you if you want it to. - Trinity

He tells me to do, to choose between that and the Matrix, I choose the Matrix. - Cyper

Machines didn't know what chicken tasted like, so that's why chicken tastes like everything - Mouse

Soon will I rest, yes, forever sleep. Earned it I have. Twilight is upon me. - Yoda

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. - Han Solo

And I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations. And this is my counterpart R2D2. - C-3PO

You're faster. Don't think you are, know you are. Stop trying to hit me and hit me. - Morpheus

we have no choice but to continue as planned. Deploy the sentinels. Immediately. - Agent Smith

Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control. - Morpheus

You have to let it all go, Neo. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind. - Morpheus

You are the One, Neo. You see, you may have spent the last few years looking for me. - Morpheus

The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner, now I am the master. - Darth

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vanakkam / hajimemashita

Hi, I am Balakumar Muthu

I am an Award-winning Entrepreneur (Asia Innovation Award - SingTel, Singapore), currently working towards the great mission to make the world a better place to work. I've been Designing and Building Web softwares for more than 17+ years, an Full-stack Designer & Developer, Web Software Consultant for Japanese Companies, Creative DIY Hacker and a Geek based in Asia.

My strong expertise includes building Smart Web applications, UI/UX Design and Development, Growth, Branding, Ecommerce, IoT, Making creative & enjoyable stuffs, Typography, Developing Social Networking Platforms (SNS) & Blogging Applications, Product Prototyping, SEO and Open Source Technologies. Overall my passion and expertise evolves around all sorts of things, starting from creative ideas & concept, design, development & implementation of various kinds of innovative products.

I enjoy simple things — nature, reading, trying different flavour of tea, zen philosophy, making mistakes & learning from them, DIY hacks, Japanese culture and a die-hard fan of Comics.

Awards & Honours for My works

Awarded the “Asia's Top 50 Apps 2011 Award” (winner lists) from SingTel, Singapore.

Winner of "Red Herring 2010 Asia Award" (finalists) - 2013 & 2010 for Technology Innovation.

First Prize Winner of "Java Master Contest", conducted by Sun Microsystems and BenQ Siemens Germany and many other technology and design contests.

Sun Microsystems Duke's Choice Awards” 2006 - *** "Hello World(s)!" From Code to Culture: A 10 Year Celebration of Java Technology ***, Book.

Sun Microsystems appreciation for testing early versions of Java Platform. published my Java Duke Holiday Pictures from 1000's of submission.

and much more.

Some of My Previous Ventures

LoveLogger the world's first Collaborative Blogging & Social Network for Pairs and has received a great response in China and Japan. It was launched way back in 2008, even before the release of current popular pair apps like Couple, Pairy, Between, Hey, Cupple.

SweetCircles one of the earlier Blogging-based Social Networking platform, an Blogging app with Social networking features. SweetCircles was also ranked as world’s top 50 hosted blogging platform by

Press and Media Coverage for My works

Me and My works have been featured at ZDNet Asia, Economic Times, Yahoo! Japan, MSN Japan,,,,,,, Kaoshi.edu5a,[pdf], and many other popular sites.

Notable Works & Contributions

Created Google Kids – a search engine for kids prototype, for demonstrating during my Google India Interview in 2005.

Designer of DevCamp India Official Brand and WikiCamp India Brand.

Being a big lover of Linux & Open source movement, organized the free "Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirts Contest" to create more awareness and interest to the community.

Well proficient in User Interface and Usability study and have published usability study report on Yahoo! Flickr, MSN Hotmail and It's also been featured in Google and

Contributed member of World Wide Web Consortium (, W3C HTML 5 Working Group and Internet Society (ISOC) India Chapter.

Blogger, Wikipedian, Writer

Editor of Wikipedia, contributed for more than 100's of Wikipedia pages in various topics in Computer/Internet Technology category.

Contributing writer of DeveloperIQ Magazine on the latest Web Technologies. My most popular articles includes in CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, Eclipse Plug-in Development and Google Technologies.

Blogging since 2002 and listed as the 'Top 10 Tech blogger' by 'Blog Street India' and rated as the 'Top 50 Tech Blogger' by 'Blogs Top List' in 2005 – 2007. My blog posts have also been featured at Google,,, Webpronews, Planet Mozilla, Linux Toy and few other popular blogs. It is also listed in 'Favorite Blog lists of Sun Microsystems' Web Blog in 2005. Made my own blogging site at Yahoo! Geocities as (screenshots) in early 2002.

Some of my Fun projects :, CrosswordCaptcha.

Conferences & Unconferences

Speaker and Mentor for NurtureTalent Startup Boot Camp at IIT Madras.

Co-organizer of Mozilla Firefox Party India, for the most early release of Firefox 2 and the IdeaCamp Pune. Regular to Tech meetups from BarCamp, BlogCamp, WikiCamp Unconferences to Sun TechDays, BEA Dev2Dev Days, Oracle Developer Forum, Google Developer Days and many other tech conferences.

Contact Me

Personally, you won’t find me on Facebook. If you want to reach me to discuss with any projects or to just say hello, mail me at

  •           My Guru Swami 


    "... get up, and set your shoulder to the wheel-how long is this life for? as you have come into this world, leave some mark behind. otherwise where is the difference between you and the trees and stones? - they too come into existence, decay and die..."
    - Swami Vivekananda

FREE Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirts !!!


I am one of the Ubuntu Linux Lover. To show my love, I am planning to give away two New Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirts I have for absolutely FREE :) !.

 click to see the full size image

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T-Shirt specification:

Color : White
Type : Round Neck
Size : Large

This is what you have to do to get the Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirt, you have to comment here:

1. I Love Ubuntu because ...
2. Next, upload your screenshot of your Ubuntu Desktop at or anywhere you like and just add the Image URL along with your comment.

It's open to everyone and the contest closes on September 18th 1pm GMT and winners will be announced on September 19th. I will be selecting two winners based on their comments and best desktop screenshot who will receive the Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirts. I will also pay the postal charges and mail them the T-Shirts for absolutely FREE !.

Once the winners has received the T-Shirts; they have to send me their photos wearing the Ubuntu Dapper Drake T-Shirt, which I will be post it on this blog :).

So just drop in your comments.


If you still haven't tried Ubuntu, you can get the free Ubuntu CDs from give a try.


Ubuntu is the most user friendly Linux ever created and easy to install, use, free of viruses, highly secured and perfect for laptops, desktops to servers, supports more languages. Even a novice can get started with Ubuntu in no time and it is supported with a rich documentation and lively active supporting forums.


Visit to learn more. To contribute to the Ubuntu Community, do check out

NO more Windows, Crashes, Viruses, Security threats, Nightmares !


Just make Ubuntu Linux, as your Primary OS today, you will LOVE Ubuntu :) and feel the power of Open Source community !!


-- UPDATE --

Contest Ends! Winners Announced !!

First of all Big thanks for all the participants. It was really a tough time for me to select the winner, as each one of the comments is really amazing and want to give away the T-Shirt for everyone. But I have only 2 T-Shirts .

And the 2 winners for the Ubuntu T-shirt Contest are:

1. Brent
2. Ed Stewart

Winners, please send me your Posting Mail Address to me at balakumar.muthu[@] I will ship the T-Shirts this week sharp. Winners please don't forget to send me the photo of you along with the Ubuntu T-shirts, to publish it in my blog.

Thank you to all out there, who have participated.

Balakumar Muthu


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Allie said...

I want one. :(

At 7:26 PM, Blogger M said...

I love Ubuntu because it's always unfailingly there for me. As is the community and the spirit behind it.
Above all. it just WORKS!
Screenshot here:

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Paul Williams said...

I love Ubuntu because I love open-source. Ubuntu captures the open-source comminity's goals better than any distribution I know of: to make free and open-source software that is effective and user-friendly.
Here is my screenshot:
paul [at] smoothweb [dot] net

At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Ubuntu because there are no enterprise editions and because there's a great commnuity that will help you whenever you need it and will never tell you to RTFM! Ubuntu is relies a bit on the terminal, which is important, I think. It also has nice customizability, and it's getting new people into the Linux and Open Source world. Most people who switch just want "Linux", not a certain distro, and Ubuntu is probably that distro, at least for humans :)

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Ubuntu because there are no enterprise editions and because there's a great commnuity that will help you whenever you need it and will never tell you to RTFM! Ubuntu is relies a bit on the terminal, which is important, I think. It also has nice customizability, and it's getting new people into the Linux and Open Source world. Most people who switch just want "Linux", not a certain distro, and Ubuntu is probably that distro, at least for humans :)

Lest I forget, here's my screenshot:

Sorry for the dual post; I forgot the screenshot; don't count my first post, just this one!

At 8:30 PM, Blogger 甘先生 said...

Ubuntu is good linux.
I want one:
Here is my screenshot:

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Ben Goodger said...

I love Ubuntu because it's neither patronising nor over-difficult, has an immense variety and quantity of software, is incredibly well-supported and friendly.

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Shane said...

I love Ubuntu because... I believe it is the true embodiment of the spirit of GNU software. What you see is what you get with Ubuntu. No pay-for-it extras. Pure and simple. Ubuntu is *my* distribution. I can make it and influence it exactly the way I want! Let me give you an example. I was looking for a medical dictionary for OpenOffice spellchecker. There isnt one... yet. Then on I found Medical Ubuntu, a version specially for the medical community... and I have volunteered to help with creating the first ever OpenOffice medical dictionary! There you go! Ubuntu is the distro for me, by me! (even if its just a small contribuion :-) )

Here's my screenshot:

At 5:49 PM, Blogger andreww said...

I love Ubuntu because.... ok, i haven't used ubuntu yet, i have played with red hat and mandrake before, but they were so darn difficult to use that i gave up.
and now i'm in the midst of a severe internet marketing campaign so i have even less time.
is it really that easy to install?

btw, tks for visiting my blog. come visit often.

Andrew Wee

At 11:44 PM, Blogger Shane said...

Hi Bala!

I have posted a reply to the comment you left on my blog with the address of the Medical Ubuntu forum.

I have a question for you though... Why do you have 'think > than god' in your blog title? What is the significance of that to you... I'm just poking my curious nose here :-)

At 6:40 PM, Blogger Suresh S SCJP1.4 said...

me too need a shirt i dont have shirt to wear to my office currently using 1 shirt and 1 pant for all 7 days

At 7:19 PM, Blogger balakumar said...

If you have 1 shirt for all 7 days ... I can buy you a new pair of suits to you... but not Ubuntu t-shirts, its only to Ubuntu users and If you really want it, please comment why you love Ubuntu and link me your Ubuntu desktop screenshot... :)

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ubuntu is Simply, Free, FAST, and AMAZING!!!


At 10:21 PM, Anonymous ScOut3R said...

I love Ubuntu because it's a human way.

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous pch said...

Good, besser, ubuntu :)

My shot here:

At 6:26 AM, Anonymous Karay said...

I love Ubuntu because it is my first Linux and it is inspire me to learn more about Linux. Ubuntu is the cheapest Linux of the world :))) Lot of my friends use it so they can help me...

This is my desktop

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Brent said...

I want one, because I love Ubuntu so much, that I actually pulled off an ingenious hoax, to make the world think that I hate Ubuntu and love Windows, which is exactly the exact opposite. In doing so, I was able to stir up tons of raw emotion and compassion for Ubuntu, which was truly the intent of having done so.

I have also written about Blubuntu, or how to make your Dapper system look blue.

I have converted many to Ubuntu, and most truly prefer it over Windows now. They say "I like it the way it is. Please don't change it." I even got my Grandma using Ubuntu! Isn't that totally awesome?

So here is a link to my beautiful Ubuntu desktop. As an added bonus, I will also link to this post, to ensure pleasing you so much that you will not be able to resist giving a shirt to the world's truly greatest Ubuntu aficionado.

[note] I have also given away hundreds of official Ubuntu CDs (for free of course).

And I wear a large. ;)

At 2:11 PM, Blogger pugoyal said...

Hi I heard about ubuntu but i dont have CD. So i can't give my desktop picture. But i heard from so many people ubuntu is better than previous linux versions. I will say I love ubuntu because i never used that. :)

At 5:00 PM, Blogger paracelsus said...

I love UBUNTU because It's a simple and stable system. I think that it is the first Linux whitch will reform the using of oeration systems and people can learn it easy.
My desktop:

At 5:42 PM, Anonymous niyue said...

I love Ubuntu because it is Linux for human being: it is simple and free. In the same time, under Ubuntu, I can get my dual monitors work easily.

My dual monitor desktop

ni2yue4 (at) gmail (dot) com

At 7:09 PM, Blogger balakumar said...

Hello all, that's really cool screenshot :), keep the comments flow and

To Shane about your question...I have coined the parse "think > than god" myself, direct from my heart.

I strongly feel we are the children's of God [or the nature]...

If our parents, the God is so great and most powerful. We have to inherit their characters, so obviously we are going to 'think greater than god'; our greater thinking drives us to do much GREATER things!!... That's the whole idea.

My concept may sounds bit wired... but only this thought have taken and pushes me to great extent in my life! :).

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous RaviBharadwaj said...

I love UBUNTU b'coz Open Source Rulez n UBUNTU is Conquering the new age :-)

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous RaviBharadwaj said...

I love UBUNTU b'coz Open Source Rulez n UBUNTU is Conquering the new age :-)

At 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ubuntu is just "Smooth and handy"


At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Sayan Chakrabarti said...

I love Ubuntu because....according to me its so much more than just another Linux distro! We all know that the name Ubuntu comes from the wonderful philosophy of Ubuntu (see, which I think advocates the very essence of humanity!! And our favourite Linux distro embodies this wonderful ideology in itself.In a world where the word 'values' is almost always synonymous with 'monetary value', stuff like Ubuntu linux brings forth a sense of asylum to people like me who think otherwise. That is precisely the reason I love Ubuntu...atleast something's there which teaches us to respect FREEDOM!!

On a more technical note (I'm not much of a techie though!), I love Ubuntu 'cause its easy to use, highly configurable, hardly causes any problems, and of course because of the wonderful forum of Ubuntu users round the globe who are always ready to help each other!!

oops...almost forgot!!! here's a screenshot of my HUMBLE desktop:

The above is my fav, but plz also take a look at this screenshot:

At 8:20 PM, Anonymous Sayan Chakrabarti said...

The screenshots I posted in my previous comment are hosted at my album at! So, non-orkuteers may not be able to view them!! Here's the alternative link to my favourite Desktop screenshot (at

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

first of all i don't ur tshirt...and now for your query...
it does not necessary that one should have reason of loving UBUNTU, so we love UBUNTU without any reason but for for those who don't understand what UBUNTU is all about for them we have reasons.. and they will themself get those reasons when they use ubuntu its needless to write it here....

some screenshots are here...

At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Prashanth Mohan said...

I Love Ubuntu because Ubuntu stands for humanity, togetherness and sharing - the ingredients for world peace.

The real phrase is (in zulu) “ubuntu ngmuntu abantu” which means, a person is a person because of other people, or rather a person is a person through other people

Lets take this opportunity to think about our contribution to humanity.

My Screenshots at

At 12:50 AM, Anonymous Sasidhar said...

do i see....ahem.. Ben Goodger....looking for a Ubuntu Tshirt??

As for the Tshirt....I was wondering..... Ubuntu being Open source... can't we print Ubuntu Tshirts ourselves as well ? :D lol

At 12:04 PM, Blogger Dhruv said...

I love ubuntu bcoz this is one of those few distributions that have superb forum support, plus the easiest linux to install ever, plus everything under the sun works here, plus no virus/malware/spyware, plus itz resource usage is low, plus itz free, so everything about it makes me feel good

screenshot at

At 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I installed on every computer Ubuntu in our office. Somebody asked why? Because I have no time to solve stupid problems. Ubuntu works and funny!
I have a firefox t-shirt; I would like an ubuntu t-shirt also :)

At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mostly I choose it because my computer is too old to run others like SuSe or Fedora, and I feel it just fit me!

At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Bhuvaneswaran A said...

Hai bala,

fantastic initiative. Thank you! Yeah, i'm too late to comment here, but you have really tried something different here and it works. Good luck!

- Bhuvan

At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi bala! how r u!

i really want one:). thanx again

At 1:07 PM, Blogger Uaresmiling said...

hi, everyone

I like ubuntu, coz like linux, debian, ^^ no reason, just like it, anyway, my laptop is working prefectly, running ubuntu.
ok , here is my desktop

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Stone.sxy said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Stone.sxy said...

I don't want to description my feel in English,so I will tell U why I like Ubuntu in Chinese,which is my mother tongue.

At 10:30 PM, Blogger Srinath said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:35 PM, Blogger Srinath said...

I love Ubuntu because it brings in the spirit of humanity in to others. In this mechanical world, such knowledge sharing and other human values have degraded as all are self-centered. Technically speaking, I like its software management feature as I don't have to check for software dependencies etc... It does everything by itself!

Overall, Ubuntu is my Passion from now on!

My Desktop Pics

At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Ed Stewart said...

I love Ubuntu because it has made linux easy for me to use. I have been with linux(several different distro's) since 1997 and have had a hard time getting everything to work at times. I installed Warty and could not believe what I was seeing. I am running Dapper Drake now and am very pleased. Micro$oft doesn't have anything to compare in my opinion, thanks to the Ubuntu team. I do a lot of computer repair and actually hate working on windozes stuff anymore. Thank you Ed Stewart
Screenshot url:

At 6:49 PM, Blogger Shane said...

hi there bala!

just remembered its the 19th.... sooo... yesterday was the 18th... come tell us who won!!... i wanna know... lol



At 8:43 PM, Blogger balakumar said...

Hi Guys and Shane,

As I am quite busy .... winners will be announced tomorrow on 20th sharp ... No Change, I promise !! Sorry Guys.

At 9:28 AM, Blogger heston said...

hey bala its really cool effort man although i am too late ,,, appriciating your effort man,,

At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like ubuntu,it's easy to use!



At 5:29 AM, Anonymous Brent Roos said...

Sweet! Thanks I'll send you the mail.

At 2:32 AM, Blogger Erik said...

I love Ubuntu because is simply beautiful and free.

At 8:43 AM, Anonymous ashwin said...

I want one & i am willing to pay for it.

At 2:22 PM, Blogger Ahamed said...

Yeah I Love Linux VERy much.spechialy Ubuntu. why? It is nice to use n operate. I Used it no longer now.but Igot more esier than other OS.
screen shot here:

At 8:52 AM, Blogger Shamal said...

I love Ubuntu.
How can I prove you that I am a Linux lover?
How can I get a T-shirt?

I want this.... Please can you give me a T-shirt?

synccoder (at) gmail (dot) com


At 3:05 PM, Blogger balakumar said...

Dear Shamal,

I am really sorry dude, think u are bit late :) for the t-shrits...

At 12:33 PM, Blogger සම්පත් said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger Uma said...

I love Ubuntu because it is simple,free,opensource and attractive.

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Gadget Gizmo said...

i love ubuntu because its free, no verification require, no popup reminder of activation and pure user-friendliness. Plus on its cool graphical candy just never fail to attract the crowds attention...haha.

Photo Link:


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